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If you’re feeling stressed, a bit tired, even depressed or are taking medication for symptoms but you don’t know the root cause, SpectraCell micronutrient testing can help. We use a scientifically-proven method to identify underlying nutritional deficiencies that will put you back in control of your health. This means that you can take proactive steps to improve your wellness and immunity today, rather than react to health conditions that develop as a result of deficiencies down the line.

Nutritional deficiencies are known to contribute to compromised immune function, which leads to the development of chronic diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s.

Test Your Micronutrient Levels

An Effective Diagnostic Tool to Prevent and Manage the Development of Chronic Diseases

Eating well and exercising regularly may not be enough to keep your body in homeostasis. Every person’s body is different and therefore needs an individual healthcare approach to remain in good health. At the root of this is your nutritional balance that has a vital role to play in maintaining optimal wellness, preventing the development of chronic diseases as well as slowing the aging process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Micronutrient Testing?

We use SpectraCell’s micronutrient tests to measure the levels of 35 different nutritional components, including vitamins, antioxidants as well as minerals and amino acids within your white blood cells (lymphocytes).

How Will I Get the Results?

Once we have the results of your micronutrient tests back, we will sit with you to look at the deficiencies listed and develop a treatment plan to address them.

Why Do You Look at Lymphocytes?

White blood cells have a 4 – 6-month lifespan, so the nutrient levels in the cells represent an accurate history of your body’s nutritional status. The sample of these resting lymphocytes that we take can then be stimulated to divide and grow in lab conditions, and the degree of growth is related the amount of nutrients that they have available. From there we can do an assessment of the accumulated nutrient status.

Who Should Undergo Micronutrient Testing?

It is possible to be deficient in essential micronutrients without knowing it, and these deficiencies can have long-term implications for your health as your immune system cannot work optimally. Micronutrient testing is, therefore, a good option for anyone wanting to enjoy optimal health and wellness.

How do the tests work?

We’ll collect blood and send the sample through to the Spectracell laboratory for testing. There the lymphocyte cells will be isolated and grown. The cells are monitored for optimal growth as a sign that they are not deficient in the specific micronutrient. If the cells are not able to grow optimally, this is a sign that they are deficient.

SpectraCell Testing with a Licensed Practitioner

We are licensed SpectraCell practitioners that utilize their results-driven testing to work with our clients towards achieving optimal wellness. If you’re ready to take the next step in your health journey, please get in touch.

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