Chronic infections and treatment

Chronic infections are really tricky. They can outsmart the immune system quite easily. The pathogens responsible for the occurrence of a persistent infection dramatically impair immunity. No treated, they can cause serious health issues that can be difficult to cure not to mention chronic infections may damage your organs. How do you resolve such a medical condition?

The problem with any chronic infection is that the symptoms develop gradually, which makes it more difficult to diagnose at an early stage and therefore treat. Once invader cells enter the host’s body they start ‘killing’ healthy tissues or cause long-lasting infections. They persist mainly due to viral replication that impairs the immune cells and these cells are crucial in fighting pathogens.

There are numerous chronic infections and each of them presents different symptoms which can initially be tricky to spot. The conventional treatment focuses on medications such as antiviral drugs and vaccinations. The results of such therapy, however, is not really promising. The volume of viral titer does reduce but the affected organs suffer. A combination of conventional treatment and alternative medicine seems to be the winning solution to efficiently fight chronic infections.

Chronic sinus infection treatment

A sinus infection can be quite painful. It occurs when sinuses are blocked with mucus allowing bacterias, fungi, and viruses to grow. There are numerous home remedies that work wonders. Apart from typical OTC drugs such as nasal sprays or painkillers, patients are advised to try steam inhalation and warm compresses to help relieve pressure from sinuses. Treatment of chronic sinus infection should be holistic, therefore, it’s best to implement several approaches.

Other chronic sinus infection treatment options include:

  • moisturizing the air with a humidifier
  • nasal irrigation (neti pot)
  • staying hydrated
  • drinking brew of lemon, honey, and ginger
  • resting
  • in rare cases – surgery

Chronic yeast infection treatment

Candida overgrowing can occur at any age. It is caused by the imbalance or variation in bacteria in the body. Yeast is naturally present in the body but in order to keep a normal level, there needs to be a balance of healthy microorganisms. The problem is even more serious because it often returns. That’s why regular hygiene practices are fundamental.

Doctors will usually put you on a course of antibiotics. Completing it is crucial, otherwise, the infection is likely to reoccur. But chronic yeast infection treatment can be natural. This is when most patients are advised to consume probiotic supplements such as yogurts. Here are some other products you can try: boric acid, tea tree oil, garlic, coconut oil, oregano oil, apple cider vinegar, vitamin C.

Chronic ear infection treatment

A chronic ear infection occurs when the eustachian tube in the middle ear is plugged. The excess of fluid inside causes infection which progresses very quickly. This condition can be recognized by the feeling of pressure in the ear, fluid draining from inside, hearing problems and pain. Antibiotics are the most popular treatment for chronic ear infection. But natural remedies can also be beneficial.

An easy home recipe for this condition is mixing warm water with apple cider vinegar and apply 5 drops into the ear. It’s also advised to do steam inhalation as it relieves the respiratory tract. Other useful natural remedies are: neti pot, ginger, tea tree oil, garlic, cold or warm compresses, naturopathic drops, neck exercises, sleeping with your head elevated, chiropractic treatment.

Chronic urinary tract infection treatment

A persistent infection that affects bladder, kidneys, ureters or urethra is called chronic urinary tract infection. Easy diagnosis allows patients to react quickly and start their treatment. One of the first signs of this condition is frequent urination with a burning sensation, also dark urine. If you feel pain in your lower back it means the infection has reached your kidney and you may suffer from serious health consequences.

Chronic bladder infection treatment is considered a minor condition and can easily be cured. But if it spread to your kidney and the symptoms are unbearable, you will most likely be hospitalized.

Apart from antibiotics and other traditional medications, you may try some of the following natural remedies for chronic urinary tract infection: drinking cranberry juice, consuming products rich in probiotics, D-mannose, bearberry leaf, garlic extract, peeing when the need arises, staying hydrated.

Chronic mycoplasma pneumoniae infection treatment

A bacteria called mycoplasma pneumoniae causes irritation in the upper respiratory tract. This usually results in a cough and sore throat, which can be misinterpreted as a temporary illness. If these symptoms, however, last for more than 4 weeks, you may be suffering from chronic mycoplasma pneumonia infection.

Chronic throat infection treatment does not usually require going on a course of medications. The symptoms normally go away on their own. Doctors can suggest taking some OTC drugs to relieve the irritation in the upper airway. If you’re against pharmaceutical meds, you can try the following natural remedies: resting at home, staying hydrated, drinking herbal teas (peppermint, eucalyptus, fenugreek), saltwater gargling, taking a lukewarm bath, raw honey, ginger, turmeric.

Chronic prostate infection treatment

Inflamed prostate and the surrounding areas that last is called chronic prostate infection. This can cause pain and change in urination. The problem with chronic prostatitis is that it develops over several years and likes to reoccur every couple of months.

Regardless of the type of chronic prostate infection doctors usually prescribe a course of antibiotics that lasts for several weeks. However, treatment for chronic prostatitis can be all-natural. Such an approach relieves the inconvenient symptoms such as pain, nausea, burning sensation. Alternative methods include: prostatic massage, warm baths, acupuncture, biofeedback, ryegrass, soy palmetto, heat therapy, relaxation exercises, staying hydrated.

Benefits of natural treatment

At Alternative Medical Care of Arizona, we offer a holistic approach to treating chronic infections. We strongly believe in natural remedies and provide treatment that cures predominantly the cause, not solely the symptoms. Improving your overall health with alternative medicine will strengthen the body and the immune system preventing reoccurrence of any chronic infection you once were suffering from.

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