Health Program

The First Step

Patients begin with an initial consultation to assess symptoms, previous diagnoses and treatments, and to discuss their expectations and goals. I can then recommend any diagnostic testing that is necessary so that we may review the results at the next visit. After that I prescribe a personalized program of specialized nutritional supplements and therapies which may reduce or eliminate the need for prescription medications. I specialize in therapies that you will rarely find in one office.


These include MSA (Meridian Stress Assessment), HRV (Heart Rate Variability) and IV (intravenous), treatments for heart disease, hypertension, joint pain, thyroid disease, chronic fatigue and other diseases. I specialize in homeopathic medicine, as well as vitamin and mineral therapies to help blood pressure, energy, cholesterol, mood, and immunity.

Phoenix Wellness

Wellness is an inclusive concept of elements such as social, spiritual arid family life. Wellness is not simply the absence of disease. In Phoenix, wellness is cultivated by the holistic approach at Alternative Medical Care of Arizona.

With a balance of attention given to physical, mental and spiritual health, wellness is achieved through careful care of each element. Your physical well-being is a larger part of your overall satisfaction with life and in Phoenix, wellness is paramount to our patients. We can help you optimize the physical health in your life with our research-based complementary medical care. Visit us in Phoenix for wellness advice and practical solutions.