Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA) testing measures the energy of the meridian points (similar to acupuncture points), which directs the practitioner to probable areas of imbalance. It assists in determining what major systems and organ of the body are stressed or weakened. The MSA system we use is called the BEST. With in its memory are large amounts of data which help us determine areas of imbalance.

The BEST systemsí memory includes:

✓ Molds
✓ Bacteria and virus particles
✓ Foods
✓ Phenolic compounds that make up foods
✓ Toxic chemicals and pesticides
✓ Many other miscellaneous toxins
✓ Drugs and pharmaceutical products
✓ Dental materials
✓ Grass, weed and tree pollens
✓ Animal dander, dust, birds and fish
✓ Organs in healthy and diseased states
✓ X-ray and radiation frequencies
✓ Most of the homeopathic remedies

This technology and the data it holds give the practitioner more information to consider in bringing the patients energetic disturbances back into balance. Biorepolarization is a tool which profiles acupuncture meridians and helps us to come up with the best homeopathic protocol for the patient.

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