Depression impairs immune function. It disrupts sleep patterns, digestion, and well-being. Changing the biochemical imbalance of the body and redirecting serotonin levels to higher levels can help depression.

Traditional Medical Approach

There are many prescription antidepressant drugs on the market and many more to come. These drugs have multiple side effects, fogginess, aggression, insomnia, loss of libido, and even suicidal thoughts.

My Alternative / Homeopathic Medicine Approach

I like to minimize or eliminate these drugs if I can. Common sense, exercise, and nutritional advice can be helpful. There are many natural antidepressants, 5-HTP, St. John wort, and other natural substances that can be of help. By using these natural substances to raise serotonin levels depression can be managed safely.

Balancing Hormone Levels

It amazes me that conventional physicians do not check hormone levels for depressed patients. Hormones are psychoactive, meaning they affect your mood and behavior. Deficiencies can be tested for and bio-identical human hormone supplementation can be instituted to rebalance mind function.

Weak Adrenals

Adrenal glands produce energy hormones. If you do not have adrenal reserves, you will feel sluggish and depressed. There are natural prescriptions and supplements that can help with adrenal malfunction.

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