This is a severe disease when complications occur. It is the leading cause of heart disease, hypertension, stroke, and blindness.

Traditional Medical Approach

Insulin is the hormone which regulates blood sugar. Most diabetics do not have a deficiency of insulin, as much as the body cells lack the ability to metabolize the necessary nutrients for glucose control. Some of the commonly prescribed drugs for diabetes may actually increase cardiovascular disease.

My Alternative / Homeopathic Medicine Approach

Commonsense, exercise, and weight loss is the first recommendation. Sue Ayersmann, a certified clinical nutritionist, works with my patients who choose her expert guidance. She has a strong background in traditional medicine and has worked at Mayo clinic. She is now very involved in alternative medicine. There are nutritional supplements and homeopathies which improve the efficiency of the cells and help protect against high blood sugars. Often drugs can be reduced or eliminated.

Nutritional Supplements Lower Blood Sugar

The chief goal to getting type II diabetes under control is to improve cellular sensitivity to insulin. Some homeopathics do that. Herbs, gymnema, sylvara, lipoic acid, vanadium, chromium, and banala leaf all lower glucose.

Diabetic Complication

Diabetics need water-soluble vitamins. Diabetics often urinate out more vitamins than non-diabetics and a proper nutritional program is absolutely necessary. This includes supplemental vitamins and minerals, as well as attention to blood glucose control. Diabetics need nutrients for the eye complications of the disease. Lipoic acid for neurological deterioration, CoQ10, and other heart vitamins all help the diabetic patient.

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