According to the American Heart Association 60% of all adult Americans have some form of cardiovascular disease. Most heart attacks are caused by blockages which occur when the arteries get thicker and even harden.

Traditional Medical Approach

The traditional approach uses drugs and surgery - interventional angioplasty and bypass surgery. I differ from most of my alternative colleagues because I think the conventional approach can be helpful and lifesaving and should be used at times rather than alternative approaches.

My Alternative / Homeopathic Medicine Approach

I focus on treating underlying disease and risk factors. I subscribe to the theory that inflammation is a major cause of heart attacks and atherosclerosis. I have sited information on lab testing and the importance of decreasing inflammation from the excellent web page of Dr. Gabe Merkin. Homocystine and C-reactive protein levels can be lowered with homeopathics and vitamins. Exercise and diet are important preventive interventions. Cholesterol and triglycerides need to be kept low. There are IV infusions tailored specifically for the heart. Antioxidants, CoQ10, B6, folic acid, B12 and fish oil can help the treatment and prevention of heart disease.

Prescription Drugs and Heart Disease

Prescription drugs and heart disease have their place. I integrate natural help with prescription help at times. Sometimes we can eliminate the prescription drugs all together. Red rice yeast can lower cholesterol. Polycosinals (sic), and guggulipids and fish oils aid heart health. Sue Ayersmann, my certified clinical nutritionist, can help explain proper heart nutrition.

Heavy Metals

Free radical damage and poor circulation can result from heavy metals. I helped design a program to eliminate the mercury, lead, aluminium, cadmium and other toxic metals from the coronary arteries.

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