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Dr. Radoff offers metabolic and genetic testing to give you the information you need to restore balance to your body and achieve optimum health and wellness.

Get the Help You Need with Genetic and Metabolic Testing

Metabolic Testing

✓ Gastrointestinal function
✓ Cellular energy production
✓ Neurotransmitter processing
✓ Amino acid-organic acid balance
✓ Antioxidants, amino acids, B vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals
✓ Oxidative stress
✓ Cardiovascular profile

Genetic Testing

Genetic and testing helps by looking at different areas of wellness, specifically:

Environmental Health and Detoxification

Cytochrome molecules remove harmful substances from the body, and their ability to function is governed by your DNA. By understanding which of the cytochromes are affected by genetic variability, it is possible to develop a strategy for optimal wellness.

Mental and Emotional Conditions

Neurotransmitters (including serotonin and dopamine) send messages from the brain to the rest of the body and when they become imbalanced are responsible for a number of health problems. Your DNA is responsible for the rate of creation and breakdown of these neurotransmitters, which directly impact considerations such as depression and anxiety.

Immune System and Inflammation

Your immune system governs your body’s inflammation response, and this is, in part, controlled by your DNA. Genetic testing can help you understand the extent of your inflammation activity, especially for people who have chronic pain or underlying autoimmune conditions.

Sleep and Circadian Rhythm

Your body develops a sleep-/awake cycle based on a number of factors, including nutrient levels, environmental cues, hormones, and chemicals in the brain. Genetic testing can help you learn more about how your circadian rhythm is controlled by your DNA. From there Dr. Radoff can recommend treatments to rebalance your body and improve your sleep habits.

Issues Related to Weight, Metabolism, and Energy

Your metabolism is affected by the environment, as well as your diet and lifestyle. Genetic testing allows us to identify which areas not optimal and allows us to speed them up with a treatment plan.

Hormone Health for Men and Women

Balanced estrogen and testosterone, among other hormones, are vital for optimal wellness. An analysis of your genes will allow you to understand the balance of your hormones so that deficiencies and excesses can be addressed.

Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular diseases (including high blood pressure and high cholesterol) generally have a genetic component that means some people are predisposed to these conditions. Understanding the genetic component will ensure that Dr. Radoff will be able to match treatments to the cause, rather than the symptoms, of the condition.

Cognitive Function

Brain health is thought to be linked to four genes in your DNA that may cause Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. Information from your genetic tests means that you can take preventative steps to keep your brain healthy and functioning optimally.

Cancer Risks

You may have genetic cancer risks, and understanding what they are is central to a proactive plan for managing your health and wellness. Learning about your genetic risks will help you develop a preventative plan as well as supporting your body’s ability to fight the progression of cancer, which is largely controlled by genes in your DNA.

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