Osteoporosis is essentially the loss and decay of the building blocks of bone. Hip fracture rates in the United States have quadrupled over the past 20 years.

Traditional Medical Approach

Conventional doctors recommend bone building drugs such as Fosamax or Evista. Fosamax is not effective in many women and Evista has been shown to cause ovarian cancer.

My Alternative / Homeopathic Medicine Approach

Hormone Balancing

Proper levels of natural hormones are the key to bone health. Appropriate amounts of progesterone and estrogen help rebuild bone. We measure these and then prescribe bio-identical hormones to supplement low body levels. Exercise and natural nutritional supplements can be helpful. Bone strength needs supplies of minerals and vitamins. Calcium, magnesium, and vitamins are quite helpful. Other minerals, zinc, copper, and manganese, can also help. Soy supplements which contain iproflavone can be useful. Iproflavone can help prevent loss of bone density and decrease the amount of fractures in women.

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