One of the most gratifying problems I treat is Wilson’s syndrome; it is not recognized in traditional medicine. Conventional medicine does measure your T3, T4 and TSH levels, and when the results come back normal, you are told you do not have a thyroid problem. Medical research says that is not necessarily true. Picture this - when a testing needle enters your vein, it draws out a sample that tells you specifically how much T3, T4 and TSH hormones are floating in your bloodstream. It is a quantitative test. Quantity is a measure of how much. Other testing is called qualitative testing. Quality measures how good or effective something is.

The T3, T4 and TSH tests, which traditional physicians rely on, only tells how much, (quantitatively), but not how medically effective, (qualitatively), the thyroid hormone is. Picture your arteries and veins as a maze of railroad tracks connecting each part of your body to another. Hormones, medications, vitamins, and minerals are all transported within the bloodstream because different parts of the body require them. The thyroid hormone gets on a railroad car, which carries it throughout the bloodstream and it gets off at different receptors (stations) to activate necessary bodily functions. Your brain requires thyroid hormone to be alert, calm, and to sleep well. In very rare cases when there is almost no thyroid hormone available, the body goes into a coma. Varying degrees of fatigue and depression usually become apparent before end stage coma sets in. I give these examples to show how important proper thyroid function is to the body

Back to the railroad analogy; in order for thyroid hormone to activate the brain or any other organ, it must dock with a receptor like a lock and key. In Wilson’s syndrome, the thyroid is medically misshapen and cannot connect to the receptor. The hormone and receptor “butt noses,” but do not connect correctly. Only when this connection is proper can thyroid hormone work on different parts of your body.

The blood tests measure how much (quantitative) thyroid is in the bloodstream. It does not tell you if it is misshapen or not. The misshapen hormone does not have the effectiveness of the proper hormone and does not allow the docking lock and key to take place. Sometimes by adding T3 or natural thyroid to the bloodstream via a natural thyroid prescription, the patient gets extra, properly shaped thyroid hormone, which allows the lock and key to enter into proper physiological functioning. This restores the vitality, energy, and fulfillment of life to the Wilson’s disease patient.

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